June 25, 2009

Memorizing Acronyms

Nothing like studying for a three hundred dollar test that is technical difficult on top of just plain tricky to put a damper on a perfectly good summer weekend.

I will take the LEED certification test on Monday morning. At least I have plenty of motivation to study.

If I pass:
-very helpful to my professional career
-Corgan will pay for half the test
-Everyone at Corgan receives a pop-up with a frog on it congratulating me for passing
-Good sense of accomplishment
-I get to buy a Transformer or two

If I don’t pass:
-I am out $300
-I will eventually have to take said test again costing me another $300
-When I take it again it will be a newer (harder) version of the test
-I don’t get to buy any Transformers

In any case I will be happy to get it over with so I can start enjoying my free time again (at least until I take the AREs).


Brian said...

How's this for an acronym: YARN


(about Transformers (which, by the way, does not look like a very promising movie))

Jacob Haynes said...

Must not look at any extraneous acronyms!!!

And you're right, the movie doesn't look like it is going to have a plot.

But the toys are still cool (and I am planning on seeing the movie anyway, for the pure joy of seeing cars turn into robots).

Janelle said...

The LEED fever has struck my office as well. Today has been really quiet with half our staff taking the exam. We'll be prying for you!

Karen said...

Got to love the fact that you are blogging instead of studying. Or are you just trying to motivate yourself to study. Either way, you always do well under pressure. So hit the books and get off the computer. :)

corey said...

Much love and success hermano!