June 12, 2009

15 Books

A fun exercise from Brian.

Fairly quickly, list 15 books that have shaped the way you view the world.

1. Tenth Anniversary Calvin and Hobbes (Waterson)
2. About Time (Davies)
3. Fables (Willingham)
4. Rural Studio (Mockbee)
5. Go Down Moses (Faulkner)
6. Crime and Punishment (Dostoevsky)
7. Form Space and Order (Ching)
8. A Collaboration with Nature (Goldsworthy)
9. Conversations With Students (Kahn)
10. East of Eden (Steinbeck)
11. Out of the Silent Planet (Lewis)
12. Till We Have Faces (Lewis)
13. Hobbit (Tolkien)
14. Circle of Quiet (L’Engle)
15. The Complete Fairytales (MacDonald)

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