November 28, 2008

Upcoming Movies (Winter 08)

Last year around this time I listed some movies coming out in the winter season that I though were going to be interesting. As it turned out, I only saw two out of the six and only liked one of those (No Country For Old Men). So we will see this year if my forecast turns out better. So here is a list of movies that will be on my radar in the next few months:
(if you want more info on any of the movies listed below, just click the title of the movie and it will take you to the rotten tomatoes site)

Nov 12th
Slumdog Millionaire
Laura and I missed a free screening of this movie by about 10 minutes but I still would like to go and see it. One of the most interesting premises I have come across in a while and apparently it was well executed as it is getting great reviews.

Dec 19th
The Tale of Despereaux
It didn’t immediately stand out as a movie I needed to see but Laura thinks it has a lot of promise and on second glance I agree. Looks like a fun adventure story and looks to have a good premise and good visuals.

Dec 25th
The Spirit
Though I wasn’t overly impressed with 300, I think that Frank Millar has carved himself out a nice niche in the movie world, especially for a comic book writer. His latest offering looks promising, aided by the fact that it is based off of the work of comic’s legend Will Eisner.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
An interesting premise and the often under rated Brad Pitt should combine into a great movie.

Jan 16th
The Wrestler
Admittedly if I had just seen the trailer to this movie without any idea who the director was, I would have dismissed it. But it just so happens to be directed by Darren Aronofsky, who is one favorite directors (Pi, Requiem for a Dream, and the Fountain). So at the very least I can expect a movie that tells a story in a decidedly non Hollywood fashion. Though I am expecting something closer to extraordinary.

Mar 6th
As a fan of the comic of the same name by Alan Moore, I am definitely anticipating the film version come March. It looks to be extremely faithful to the comic (especially considering that Moore has distanced himself from any film adaptations of his work).

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