October 25, 2007

Upcoming Movies

There are not a lot of sequels or big impressive movies being produced over the next couple of months so that means there might be some good stuff coming out. The following is a list of a few that I am looking forward to. As a disclaimer: I am not vouching for the entertainment or moral value for any of these, as I have yet to see them. There are even a few that I know beforehand that aren’t for everyone, especially if you are adverse to violence.

No Country For Old Men (Nov 9)
I have been looking forward to this movie for a while. It is based off a book by the brilliant Cormac McCarthy (All the Pretty Horses) and is directed and produced by the Coen brothers (Fargo, O Brother Where Art Thou). It is set and filmed in West Texas.

Southland Tales (Nov 14)

What could make me interested in a movie that contains The Rock, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mandy Moore, and Justin Timberlake? This line: Directed by the director of Donny Darko. That in and of itself makes it worth seeing (in my little world) and seeing the trailer: it looks like a pretty solid sci-fi, musical, parody of American culture.

The Golden Compass (Dec 7)
I am still a little skeptical being a fan of the book but the latest trailer makes me want to give it a look. As a forecast, I expect the evangelical community to have a feeding frenzy with the source material (greater than Harry Potter and the Da Vinci Code put together).

I am Legend (Dec 14)
I will go see this if only for the preview for the next Batman movie, but it looks entertaining enough on its own. Nice to see Will Smith back to doing end of the world movies (well I guess he only previously did one end of the world movie, but now he has two).

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Dec 21)

Perfect material for Tim Burton. A dark comedy musical about a barber that goes over the edge and starts killing people to give to the meat pie lady for filling. Seems like they got the entire Harry Potter supporting cast.

Charlie Wilson’s War (Dec 25)
Interesting story and it has Tom Hanks, good possibility it will be worth watching.


Blake Collier said...

Looks like some solid choices for movies to see...I would agree on them all, especially I Am Legend. I just finished reading the book by Richard Matheson and it is considered to be one of the greatest horror/vampire novels ever (and it is indeed a great book). However, the director changed the vampire story to just a biological infection (because in the book, vampirism is caused by a germ anyways) which I am actually glad he did because...let's face it, vampires are overdone! Not to mention Will Smith is one of my favorite all time actors!

Good post! Check up on mine every so often cause I might try to do a similar kind of post!

Gracewbarber said...

Dear Jacob -

Just in case I haven't told you yet, I like your site. (Even though I know there probably won't be anything new, I still check it every day, just like I did Laura's when she was in Italy.)
Anyway, we saw a preview for another movie that looked good -with Natalie Portman and Dustin Hoffman about a magic toy store. I don't remember the name.
Also, I sent Laura an Email yesterday. I don't know if she forwards such things to you, or remembers to tell you. It was about the Solar Decathalon Home Design and Building contest.
Bye for now and take care - Grace

Raghu said...

Did you hear that new J.J. Abrams movie? (Producer of Lost.) It's very secretive - all we have is a trailer with not much else.


ninepoundhammer said...

I'll have to look into 'No Country for Old Men' but I am really intrigued by 'Charlie Wilson's War.' I LOVE historically-based books and movies (big surprise) and Cold War stuff is near the top!!

I wonder if anyone will put the pieces together and see how the Mujahideen aid was a Promethean bargain that we are paying dearly for to-day?

Besides, I want to see if Tom Hanks can do an East Texas accent. The best Texas accent I have ever heard in a movie by a foreigner was John Travolta in 'Urban Cowboy.' He was spot-on!

Jacob Haynes said...

You should do something similar, I’d be interested. I thought I Am Legend was based on a comic book (or maybe there is now a comic book based on it).

Thanks for commenting and I am glad you like my site. I’ll try and remember to put up some life updates more often. Laura showed me the trailer for Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium and it looks very good and…magical. Also thanks for the NPR thing on the solar houses (I’ll try and find it today).

I have seen the trailer and heard the hype and yes, I am looking forward to it. Clever way to build anticipation but I’m curious to see how long they will keep it up. How was the Office last night? Better than Dostoyevsky I wonder.

Jacob Haynes said...


We will indeed see about the accent. On a related note, how close was his accent to southern Alabama in Forest Gump? (I don't know if you know what genuine southern Alabama sounds like, but I figured you had a better guess then me)

Brian said...

The Golden Compass apparently makes the same sound as the golden snitch...

ninepoundhammer said...

I'm afraid I'll have to plead ignorance regarding the Greenbow, Alabama accent in Forrest Gump--man, that was a great flick, though!

I am reminded of a funny scene (it was really the ONLY funny scene) from a horrible movie starring Bette Midler and Shelley Long called 'Outrageous Fortune' in which the former is in her acting class when the pompous acting instructor asks:

'Do you know the difference between a Georgia diphthong and a Texas diphthong?'


corey said...

one night i am going to rent, 3:10 to yuma, jesse james, there will be blood, and no country for old men, and have a western marathon. except that im gonna have to wait till they all come out on dvd.