November 14, 2007

Jars of Clay Competition

Well, I made the first cut for the t-shirt competition. Here is my design and a brief description of the thoughts running through my head:

The incarnation of Christ heralds the arrival of peace into the chaotic, fallen world. It is interesting that our culture should juxtapose this gospel with the stress and disorder of the consumer season. In this design I wanted to incorporate the idea of peace in the midst of chaos by using the imagery of hibernation. The bears remain fast asleep throughout the blizzard above them knowing that through the storm there are the peaceful stars above. As the chaotic holiday season approaches, we too need reminding that the world has been redeemed unto Him who holds all creation firmly in place.

It is supposed to be a cross section of a winter night (J=stars, A=Clouds, R=Storm, S=Trees, OF=Snow, C=Leaves beneath the snow, L=Caves, A=Bears, Y= Ground beneath the bears). I hadn’t used photoshop in a while so it didn’t come out exactly like I planned.

Anyone who wants to see all the other t-shirts designs and to vote for your favorites go here:


mom said...

You are so awesome. The explanation helps fill in the gaps. I voted for you (so of course you should win :)

Blake said...

Dude, you have this thing in the bag! I had a hard time picking three of them cause really I only thought two were good, yours and, i think, #007. I voted for yours first though! So considering I have so much power in this world, my vote should send you over the edge! :)

Raghu said...

Okay I voted. If you win I demand royalties. Like say, umm... a t-shirt?