November 19, 2007

Cat in the Attic

Update: The cat escaped on Monday. Laura heard it around the side of the house.

It all started Saturday morning when we heard a cat meowing from somewhere near the entry to our apartment. We thought it was a cat which had gotten into our trash we had left outside. It turned out to be a kitten trapped somewhere in our attic/wall, a wall that we shared with our neighbors. So I donned my headlamp and hankerchief (to provide my lungs some protection from the fiberglass insulation) and proceeded to crawl up into the attic. I found the approximate location of the cat (after scaring off its mother) but for the life of me I could not find it. I reluctantly retreated only to tear up the ceiling a little when exiting. Still the needy little cries constantly filled our apartment, so I repeated my trip several times with no success. I even hauled my drill up there and made a sizable hole in a section of the ceiling that dropped down a bit but still no cat. Now Monday morning, it is still crying and my best guess is it is somewhere above the neighbors apartment. Hopefully the apartment people will come today.

Here is a sectional sketch showing where I thought the cat was and where I think it is now: (I have been doing too many construction drawings at work)

And for the sake of randomness, here is a sketch of an Ent:

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Randy & Rachel said...

Poor thing! (The kitten, I mean.) Too bad you couldn't find it and get it out. I wish Laura could have videoed your adventures though - that would have been interesting! Well, better run. What are yall's plans for Thanksgiving?