October 31, 2007

Really Scary

Happy Halloween and Reformation Day! I have decided to sketchup some concepts of Halloween costumes that would scare me.

From Left to Right:

Rudolf Clausius
Though he is a little scary looking, the real horror is his discovery of entropy which predicts that the universe will eventually reach heat death in which there is no motion or life and all matter and energy are equally distributed.

Joel Osteen
He is the poster boy of the health and wealth gospel and can continually give me the jibblies with his “7 steps to becoming all god has created you to be”.

Supreme Court Justice
They are not elected, are appointed for life, and are the only clear and direct law/policy making branch of the government. That’s pretty scary.

Involuntary shudder. If these ever start showing up in my nightmares, Laura might have to commit me to an asylum.

Ketchup Clown
Combines my loathing of ketchup and Blake’s fear of clowns. Don't ask.

Industrial Revolution (dog)
Is anyone really grateful for mass production?

Oh and here is my jack o lantern. It is some kind of dragon or fell beast.


Blake Collier said...

JACOB!!! Did you really have to go and dredge up Ketchup Clown???? I had wiped him from my mind until this post! ARRGGGGHHHHHH!!!! One of these days, jacob, one of these days...

Brian said...

You certainly get creative points from all the nerds. All the people dressing up as sexy Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz or as random "Frankensteins" probably wouldn't get your humor, but I get it. Oh yes, that makes me a nerd.

P.S. - Janelle likes (is terrified of) McMansion too.

Raghu said...

I see midget riding dolphin riding shark didn't make the cut. How sad.

Blake said...

I think i will be around from maybe the 16th to the 23rd or something like that! I am not sure of the exact dates but that should give you an idea...