June 27, 2007


I just finished Roverandom which is a great “kid’s” story by J.R.R. Tolkien. It follows the adventures of an impetuous pup from his back yard to the moon and back. I’ll put up some sketches later.

So I started Chesterton’s biography on St. Francis yesterday. Just three chapters in and I am already finding it to be a remarkable read. I guess I have needed my Lewis fix and should have gone to his source earlier. Some quotes:

Explaining the importance of context when trying to understand history:
“Men for whom reason begins with the Revival of Learning, men for whom religion begins with the Reformation, can never give a complete account of anything, for they have to start with institutions whose origins they cannot explain, or generally even imagine.”

Explaining the importance of the Dark Ages as a transition from the pagan Romans to the beginning of the Renaissance:
“Man has stripped from his soul the last rag of nature worship, and can return to nature.”

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