June 18, 2007


Why I continue trying to keep up with a blog is beyond my own understanding. I am not a writer (though the ability to add pictures to these things helps), and usually when I do sit down to put my thoughts into writing it is usually on some philosophical subject that has been irritating me instead of my day to day experiences. If I was a writer then maybe those ponderings would be entertaining. As it is they are usually very boring and not fully communicated. I will try to put up lots of pictures and art and life updates but just so everyone is aware I might start to slip into ramblings on how Einstein’s view of time is relevant to a Christian worldview or what were the biological effects of the Fall. Fair warning.

To start off on the right foot: Laura and I messing around with her dad's Apple.


Brian said...

Was the apple poisonous? That we explain the crazy, delirious looks on your faces and all the hippie swirls. How are you two doing? Sometime soon, we should talk about wedding stuff.

Randy & Rachel Harrelson said...

Ha ha! Love your attitude toward blogging. You just had to join us didn't you? :) Well, we won't hold it against you if you have more pics than words, I love pics! Hope you and Laura are doing well. We need to get together soon!