June 7, 2012

Colorado 2012 Part 1

Laura and I took the last week in May to visit the great state of Colorado.  We flew in and out of Denver, spent some time in Denver visiting Laura's great aunt, and drove a rental car to Ouray to visit Brooke's family.
Our route.  Note that this is my idea of a non-roadtrip vacation.

The Denver Art Museum.  This turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip.  It was an excellent museum with a great collection.

Inside the Libeskind designed building.

Theodore Waddell’s "Abstract Angus"

Fox Games by Sandy Skoglund

We took a side trip to Boulder home of University of Colorado.

Some superheros walking around the pearl street mall in Boulder.

Driving through the mountains.

The road up to Mt. Evans (the thin white line is the road).

More driving up.

Some friendly mountain goats.

Mt. Evans

A Marmot (Whistle Pig) at the summit.

The rockies from the summit of Mt. Evans at 14265 feet.

Part 2 here.

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