January 17, 2012

Down the Middle Drop One More Grain of Sand

A year ago today we lost Greg to cancer.  This anniversary has made me a bit more reflective today – almost how I imagine the new year affects many.  I am looking back over the year and I see

our travels and adventures.  From looking out a plane window onto Alaska to exploring a beautiful steel structure that is only roof now in East Dallas with Laura to having a debate with good friends at a rest stop on the high plains between Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

our struggles and accomplishments. From Structures to buying our house to see St. Thomas bud and flourish.

the joy of new life.  From Eli to Claire to my nephew Hudson.  May they stir our resolve and strength to fight for the good in this world.

the passing and mourning of life in both my Great Uncle Pat and Greg Hewlett.  You both are being missed and you both are loved.  Your legacies are continuing - your great generosity and love that you sowed into this world is bearing fruit.

God has been gracious to me.

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