October 10, 2011

The Power of the Doodle

Short TED talk on the value of doodling.  I have tried to explain this concept to people my entire life so it is immensely refreshing to hear someone else articulate it.

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timothysdean said...

On the greater retention of doodlers: This is something my mother has always said, and she doodles whenever she is listening to any kind of lecture, sermon, etc.

In my own experience, this is true. In my senior year of college I opted to buy 3x5 cards instead of notebooks. My "class notes" from that year consist almost exclusively of little doodles. But I remembered the classes far better than when I took notes, and even now looking at some of those doodles will remind me not only of what was being discussed as I doodled, but also of other visual data, such as where people were sitting on that day.