August 10, 2011

IF - Imperfect

I am realizing how much your medium can affect your inner need for perfection.  I am not a perfectionist by nature but I realize that with pen and pencil I have achieved a tight control of the line.  This can be a good thing but if I ever want to shake off my need to exercise complete control over my instrument – I turn to watercolor.  It is a messy – imperfect tool and being such you have to bring a measure of devil-may-care attitude to the table if you want to create beautiful thing with it.

Also the scan is definately imperfect.  Got to find a way to get watercolors in digitally.

1 comment:

ivanka k said...

I absolutely agree with what you saying. Now it makes me feel that I'm a control freak over my pencils, I should explore watercolours more :D!