July 22, 2011

New House

So we are buying a house. Who knew a major life decision could sneak up on you so stealthy? Saturday July 2nd we decided to check out a house in the neighborhood that was being posted – by Wednesday we had a purchase contract signed – the next week we have an inspection – and now this week we have financing under way and a closing date for late August.

Buying a house meant coming to a lot of decisions quickly. We will be tied to the Dallas area for awhile and we found out that we were okay with that. More than okay, we are excited about planting ourselves in the Junius Heights neighborhood. We both have really good jobs, we have family relatively close by, a lot of good friends, a great church, and both have really enjoyed living in East Dallas this past year.

It is a 3 bedroom 1 bath Arts and Crafts house built in the year 1924. Beautiful front porch with a mammoth Bodock tree on the east side. We are excited about moving at the end of August (providing everything goes smoothly in the meantime) and looking forward to having people over.

Some pics (more to come later this month):

Backyard is huge and a bit wild.

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Brian said...

Congratulations! I guess that's what you were calling me about last night...Let's talk today or tomorrow.