June 15, 2011

Through the Canyons and Valleys - Roadtrip Part 1

On the first half of our trip we meandered our way westward to California.  Lots of sheer cliff faces for me to peer over.  Lots of big skys and open roads.  My first taste of Arizona and Utah – definitely will be returning to give them the time they deserve.  45 minutes is a heartwrechingly short time to spend at the edge of the Grand Canyon. 
Our trusty Ford Edge Rental Car.  We put 3875 miles on this trooper.

Better than walking there.  Three white people and an Indian trespassing on Navajo land (got to be a set up for a good joke).

The view was worth it.

Canyon de Chelly - can you pick out the cliff dwellings?

Laura and Spider Rock.
Antelope House ruins.

Monument Valley - somehow this was not as impressive as I imagined it to be.  Still it was a great drive.

The burro of the Valley.
The start of the hike in Waterhole Canyons (a slot canyon about 5 miles south of Page Arizona).

The light produced a nice spctrum of color off the otherwise uniformly brown rock.

Horseshoe bend.  Totally worth the short hike.

North Rim of the Grand Canyon at Bright Angel Point.  Not a bad view.

Fabulous might be an overstatement but that might be because we had just been to the Grand Canyon.

The new Aria Casino and hotel at the City Center development.
The self explanitory New York casino.

Crystals at the City Center.

The Bellagio

Yosemite Valley

Got up early to get this shot.  Yosemite photo tip: drive around until you see the guys with the big tripods all clutered up - there will be a good photo moment.

El Capitan

A meadow in the morning light.
Curry village - our lodging for Yosemite

Our entire group at the top of Vernal Falls.

The mist trial - don't forget your rain slicker.

The little chapel in the Valley.

Laura found a hollow log.

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Brian said...

Amazing photos. Wish I could have been there with you.

Also amazing - that you could meander eastward from Texas, and find yourself in California!