June 30, 2010

Dallas Gets a Calatrava Bridge

Santiago Calatrava is a Spanish architect most famous for his sweeping bridges.  Here are a few examples of his work: 

In an effort to bring attention to its plans to develop the Trinity River corridor, Dallas hired Calatrava to design them a bridge to cross the Trinity at Woodall Rodgers.  After years of waiting the main arch is now up and in my opinion makes a fantastic addition to the Dallas skyline.  Here are some pics I took this weekend:

The most lyrical elements of the bridge, the cables, are not yet attached.  Here are some images of what the completed bridge will look like:
And a link to the website:


Chad Ethridge said...

I was excited to see the arch from my office window yesterday when I got to work. It will be a great addition.

Will Blair Art said...

Awesome! I had no idea this was going in. That will look pretty stellar when the cables are attached.