April 5, 2010

We’re Moving

Since our current apartment’s lease is coming to an end pretty soon we have been looking at moving options. And though it was a little earlier than we expected, this last week we found exactly what we were looking for. Saturday we signed the lease on an upstairs duplex in Dallas. We will start a very slow move in the middle of April. We'll send everyody address information later this month.

Reasons we liked the house:

-About the same price for rent that we are currently paying now

-Beautiful 1915 home (well maintained and renovated)

-Good landlord

-Lawncare provided

-We can have pets and a garden

-Good neighborhood

-I can take the bus to work

-Laura has a short drive to work

-We are in walking distance to: Whole Foods, New Flower Market, Jimmy’s, Ali Babbas, Paperbacks Plus, and the Lakewood Dallas Library Branch. (just to name a few)


Brian said...

Wow! You're not kidding on the "well-maintained" part! Looks great. Can't wait to visit.

Heath said...

awesome bro, congrats

pyrrhadox said...

Looks just gorgeous! I'm sorry to see you move even a couple miles further away, but it looks like this'll be a much better arrangement, and so pretty, too!

Now get to work on that wormhole on 35, would ya? ;)

corey said...

again, congratulations!