March 24, 2010

Reading Blogs

Interesting personal statistic I looked at today: I currently am subscribed to 149 blogs (which I break up into five categories: Friends, Architecture, Art, Theology, and Misc.).

This number seems a bit excessive (and it definitely feels that way when everybody decides to post at once), but mostly it is pretty manageable and the one corner of the internet that I find the most value in.

Besides friends some of my favorite blogs are:

The Big Picture (news through photography)

Downhill Bothways (blog by Piper’s son as he muses on his walks and interactions in downtown Minneapolis)

Last Night Rains (blog by illustrator Cory Godbey, his “bit and runs” comic strip is particularly funny for those of us who grew up on Mario – also good step by step traditional illustration breakdowns)

Design Milk (collecting all the fun design ideas the web has to offer)

BUILD blog (blog by a Seattle architecture firm on their practice and their musings on the practice in general)

I am interested to know how many blogs you read. If you use Google reader then you can find out by clicking “Reader Settings” at the top, then clicking on the “subscriptions” tab. If you don’t use a reader then you probably can count them pretty easily.


Brian said...

114 blogs for me (I deleted about a dozen a few weeks ago, because I needed to minimize random-reading!).

Some favorites are:

Jonathan Edwards Center - news from the Jonathan Edwards Center at Trinity Evangelical on Edwards himself and on all sorts of scholarship and events happening these days.

Religion in American History - Lots of history and current-affairs issues that have to do with American religious history. Good stuff.

Chad Ethridge said...

Currently following 95 blogs . . . here's a few of the best:

Looking Closer by Jeffrey Overstreet (novelist and award winning film reviewer)

Contemporist (new products and projects in the world of contemporary design)

Between Two Worlds (Justin Taylor - editorial director for Crossway Books)

Toxel (design ideas and tech concepts)

Quick Hide Here (Justin Gerard - illustrator of timeless fairy tales and epics)

Caleb said...

Even after serious house-cleaning about two weeks ago, I'm weighing in at 208 -- general divided the same as yours but with a few more categories for technical things. I use RSS to follow some things like project updates, server service status messages, software release notices, and the like and those are categorized by project type.

For certain a small number of these make all the noise. In fact I have taken to filtering some of the high-traffic ones so that I only get posts with certain keywords that interest me.

Sadly nothing particularly stands out as worth recommending.

Jacob Haynes said...

Brian, yeah 149 is what is left after my big purge a few weeks ago.

Chad, Thanks for stopping by. I too follow Justin's blog. I almost listed him but I had already put down Cory. Didn't want too many illustrators.

Caleb, Good to hear from you. I find it interesting that you follow 208 blogs and can't find one to recommend. Also, I tried to teach your sister to sword fight the other day. She wasn't too terrible actually.