January 13, 2010

Birthday Loot

Thought some of you might like to see what you got me for my birthday. I though it was a pretty accurate snap shot of my life at the moment. Once again thanks.


pyrrhadox said...

Awesome! You're so good at reminding my eyeballs are attached to my brain. I know I shouldn't need reminding of this, but... well, you know how my brain works.

On a related note, thanks for loaning the Shaun Tan books. I can't say I'm done with them, per se, but I've reached the point where I really should return them and get my own copies. :) Give me a call sometime, and we can work out a where and when for me to get them back to you.

Karen said...
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Karen said...

Thanks for the snapshot. I was wondering exactly what you bought with your gift card. I also had a chance to peek through the Homesteading book from Corey before she gave it to you and it looked pretty awesome. I hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday "month". :)