October 16, 2009

Dallas Arts District

It seems like overnight Dallas grew an arts district. What used to be a surface parking field on the northeast corner of downtown is now a pedestrian avenue with three museums, three performance halls, residential condos, retail, and park area. While most of this has been in the works for a number of years, the completion of the Wyle Theater and the Winspear Opera House (and the pedestrian plazas in between) has brought everything together.

Yesterday Laura and I went to a lecture in the Wyle by Rem Koolhaus, then to an exhibition of models by Norman Foster at the Nasher, and then to a symphony/choir rehearsal at the Myerson (all free by the way). Today I went to a lecture by Foster in the Winspear and got lots of good photos. All in all, very much enjoying the new arts district.

The chandelier was amazing (it slowly lowered into place) but all I could get was a fuzzy picture.

And I got to see some monks making a Mandala out of colored sand at the Crow art museum. Impressive to say the least.


Laura said...

I should have skipped work to go with you. The opera house looks awesome. Here is a link to a video of the Winspear's chandelier in action.

Grace said...

Jacob -

Such wonderful pictures as usual!
I really liked the monk artist.

Anyway, I may have aleady told you about this. The deadline for the Smithsonian Annual Photo COntest is Dec 1. If you're interested,
check out the rules, etc. at

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Happy hunting this weekend!