September 18, 2009


My sister wants to hear about our cat.

Well there is not much to tell yet besides that she has two modes: sleep and kill. She misses us when we are gone all day and immediately wants play (= getting us to animate something so she can de-animate it) when we get home. Oh and we settled on a name: Calliope (keeping with a Greek inspired name, her mother was Persephone).

Oh and through a complicated camera set up I was able to get a photo of her enormous paws from below (how many fingers can you count):

Yep 26 digits total. A mediocre cat has just 16.


heath and christina said...

Love the new kitten! I have been saying to Heath for months that I want another cat...i'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

it may need a branch in the family tree dad

corey said...

hahahahah dad