April 28, 2009

Children’s Book

For Laura’s Children’s Literature class she got to write a children’s book, and I got to illustrate it. So we put much effort these past couple of weeks into it (and a late night last night) but it is finally finished. Much of the book was based on stories from both of our families. Hope you like it. (I know a blog is not the easiest format in which to read such a creation, but it hasn’t stopped me yet.)


Brian said...

Great stuff. Can't wait to see it in person sometime.

Any plans to submit it for publication? The Franklins would buy one in a heartbeat!

MOM said...

The book turned out awesome. I want one.

Laura said...

You should post Theresa's book too. Your illustrations for that one came out great too.
If you get me the jpeg versions of both mine and TB's book then I can post them on my photo site and you can post a slide show that runs from my photo site like you did with Neal's book for Jenny.

Jacob Haynes said...

We’ll make a copy for ourselves and one for UD through a printing company. As far as publication, it is an eventual possibility but nothing we are directly pursuing. You’ll be the first to know if we ever get it published.