February 14, 2009

The Other Storybook Entries

Here are the other winners of the Arboretums Storybook Competition.

A Russian Fairytale that I had not heard of.
ThumblinaTreasure Island
James and the Giant Peach

Red Fish Blue FishAlice in wonderland.
A rotaded white tunnel that was pretty cool.
This was my favorite. Don't know what it is supposed to be yet but the form is awesome.
This is Laura's favorite as well as the one that put everyone elses to shame. It is the Jolly Rogers from Peter Pan complete with cannons and a ships cabin.

And some randome pictures of Randy with the frog sculptures.
Oh, and here is Laura with her stack of books she was using to study for her comps test (which she is taking as I type).


Mom said...

I like the house of James and the Giant Peach. But my favorite is yours of course. Good luck Laura!!!

Blake said...

I agree with Mom...the James the Giant Peach is pretty cool, but then again I am a big fan of Roald Dahl. Cool stuff.

corey said...

So there were other winners? I'm confused. They are all so creative and pretty!

Jacob Haynes said...

There were twelve entries chosen to be built from all the entries that were submitted. There will be another judging next week with winners in the following categories:
Best of Show
Best Story Interpretation

corey said...

oh okay, well you are going to win all the awards so don't be nervous :)