January 27, 2009

Randomness in the last throes of January

I have started preliminary work on my storybook house and so far so good. Saturday is the big day though; it is when it will finally go up.
I have also been playing with legos. Here is a cathedral I made (Tuscan renaissance style).

Also, Laura has the first half of her Literature comps today. A little prayer would be appreciated.

And finally I decided to play a game my friend Matt came up with and Brian and Josh carried on. I put my Ipod on random and listed out the first lines of the first twenty-two* songs. You get to guess the songs (aren’t you feeling privileged to grow up in such a world where you get to play stupid internet games). Oh, no cheating by using search engines.

1. It's a muggy night in Houston And all the intersections are like full service stations
2. It's been one week since you looked at me, Cocked your head to the side and said "I'm angry"
3. A promise or a dare I would jump if I knew you’d catch me
4. The grass is screaming long, midnight cars roll past
5. There’s a place where I come from, It’s the place I belong
6. I wish you would step back From that ledge my friend
7. When I step into the light my arms open wide, When I step into the light my eyes searching wild
8. Said the plain clothes cop to the beauty queen “I’ve seen nothing but a spoke in a wheel”
9. Love was a promise made of smoke in a frozen copse of trees
10. Go away, Close the light, Shine tomorrow, Sister hold me
11. I think about the waves of time and how they roll across my shoulders. Thinkin' no clock is gonna get the best of me.
12. As I went down to the river to pray, Studyin’ about that good ol' way
13. God, there is gold hidden deep in the ground; God, there’s a hangman that wants to come around
14. She doesn't own a dress, Her hair is always a mess
15. Whoa-o...I’ve been banging my head against the wall, Whoa-o...for so long it seems I knocked it down, yeah it got knocked down
16. Shoot a dream in your arm and sleep away,I t's not the stuff that kills you that keeps your life at bay.
17. One dark day the trees began a trumpet sound,trumpet sound; We sat listening patiently, the sky was near, and I felt the trembling motion
18. Oh, I'm sailin' away my own true love, I'm sailin' away in the morning.
19. How I ever made it to you heaven only knows, With the doors and the windows to my inside closed
20. You say you heard every word, but I watched you turn away, Your eyes grew colder than winter
21. Long as I remember the rain been coming down. Clouds of mystery pouring confusion on the ground.
22. Mom & Dad, I'm fine. How are you? I have joined a small circus, that much is true. I'm a little malnourished, but try to relax. Could you find a better photo for the milk carton backs?
*It was twenty five but I couldn’t find the lyrics to three of my songs. One was a Latin chant by some Benedictine monks.


Brian said...

Let's see here:

1. Somewhere North - Caedmon's
2. One Week - Barenaked Ladies
3. Five Candles - Jars
5. tip of my tongue...
6. Jumper - Third Eye Blind
11. ummmm...I know this...
12. Let's Go Down? - Alison Krauss (I know all the lyrics, just not the title)
14. Meet Virginia - Train
16. Surprise - Jars
20. Famous Last Words - Jars
22. Reality - Newsboys

That was mediocre...
Looking forward to helping you build!

Joshua Butcher said...

1. Somewhere North, Derek Webb
3. Five Candles, Jars of Clay
11. Visions, Jennifer Knapp
16. Surprise, Jars of Clay
20. Famous Last Words, Jars of Clay

Kari said...

1. Somewhere North, Caedmon's Call
2. One Week, Barenaked Ladies
3. Five Candles, Jars of Clay
5. Burlap to Cashmere, but I don't remember the name of the song. Is that the one that quotes from Richard III?
6. Jumper, Third Eye Blind
7. Lie In Our Graves, Dave Matthews Band
8. White Tooth Man, Iron and Wine
9. Pagan Angel And A Borrowed Car, Iron and Wine
12. Down To The River To Pray, Alison Kraus
13. On Your Wings, Iron and Wine
14. Meet Virginia, Train
16. Surprise, Jars of Clay
17. Marching Band, Sufjan Stevens.
18. I *know* It's Bob Dyaln, but I don't know the title.
20. Famous Last Words, Jars of Clay
21. Who'll Stop The Rain, Credence Clearwater Revival
22. Reality, Newsboys

I hope it doesn't count as cheating that I used my own playlist to confirm a couple of these. =) It make me wonder how you would fare if I compiled a similar list.

bryce said...

#5: Digee Dime - Burlap to Cashmere
#12: I know it.. but can't remember.
#22: Truth and Consequences - Newsboys (pretty sure, at least)

Jacob Haynes said...

Dang Kari, I wouldn’t have even done that well on my own list.

I will post the answers tomorrow to identify the few that Kari missed.

Kari said...

*grins hugely* I like lyrics. They're like poetry, except with an actual audience!

Jacob Haynes said...

It was a little slick out there this morning. Only slid into two curbs on my way to work.
Here are the answers:

1. Caedmon’s Call: Somewhere North

2. Barenaked Ladies: One Week

3. Jars of Clay: Five Candles

4. Fionn Regan: Abacus

5. Steven Delopoulos: Digee Dime

6. Third Eye Blind: Jumper

7. Dave Matthews: Lie in Our Graves

8. Iron and Wine: White Tooth Man

9. Iron and Wine: Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car

10. Steven Delopoulos: Fire Away

11. Jennifer Knapp: Visions

12. Allison Kraus: Down to the River to Pray

13. Iron and Wine: On Your Wings

14. Train: Meet Virginia

15. Reliant K: Forward Motion

16. Jars of Clay: Surprise

17. Sufjan Stevens: Marching Band

18. Bob Dylan: Boots of Spanish Leather

19. Diamond Rio: How You Make me Feel

20. Jars of Clay: Famous Last Words

21. Credence Clearwater Revival: Who’ll Stop the Rain

22. Newsboys: Reality

ninepoundhammer said...

I only know #'s 2, 6, 12, and 21. (But that's better than the ZERO I knew of Franklin's.)