December 12, 2008

Viewing My Life Through a Camera on the Top of a Car

So in Google’s new ploy in which to take over the world, it has developed the “street view” feature on its mapping application. The Basic idea is a fleet of cars with cameras mounted on them takes pictures as they travel, which are then converted into panoramic scenes. It is really a very ambitious undertaking considering the vast amount of land coverage with every few feet containing a whole lot of information.

Google has understandably run into privacy issues from a whole host of people and organizations and even entire towns. The most interesting of these are from people doing things they didn’t want to be seen doing (people entering and exiting adult bookstores, theft attempts, etc.). On the other hand it can be really useful when trying to find directions somewhere and when you can zoom around the streets of Rome, is undeniably cool.

So I went and found all the place I remember living in my life and, with the help of a screen capture program, I reproduce them here (I was very surprised to have found out that Google actually drove through Comstock):

Our first house in Comstock was a trailer that has long since been moved away but there is still the great mulberry tree in the yard where we had an awesome treehouse and the round concrete planter that we used as a sandbox.

This is our second house in Comstock. On a side note: it is weird that the one day they decide to drive through this small west Texas town it was overcast.

Our house outside of Odessa.

My dorm my first year of college.

My first apartment. Good times battling the Mormons with my atheist roomates.

The sad little rent house Roger and I moved into after the apartment.

The apartment complex I moved into with Nathan. Brian spent the night here one night that the airconditioner broke and it was in the upper 90s inside the bedroom.

The apartments Nathan and I moved into with Adam.

My current apartments in which my wife and I have made our first home.


Brian said...

Ok, that is a little creepy. What kind of army does Google have that allows them to take video of Comstock? or of your house in West Odessa?!

Ahhhh, the no-AC apartment. Memories

Mom said...

What happened to the two houses in Mt Pleasant, or all the houses in Odessa before Comstock? I bet I could find the addresses of these places if you want.

Blake said...

I did the same exact thing not too long ago myself...I even saw my truck, Mr. Grey, in the parking lot of one of my old apartments...kinda cool but i can see how it is problematic even though I don't really believe in a right to privacy haha.

ninepoundhammer said...

Neat idea to post that.