April 16, 2008

High School

In honor of Brian successfully becoming a dad, I decided I would post some high school pictures just as a reminder of how far he has come in life over the past ten years. To get more details on the adoption go to his or Janelle's blog.

I have much more if anybody is interested. (Rachel, let Randy know that I was very close to posting his baggy pants immpression picture but that I decided against it)


Randy & Rachel said...

Those were way too funny! I couldn't help but smile. You guys were hilarious. I'll let Randy know what he has to look forward to.

Oh, and thanks for the Happy Birthday. I had no idea your mom's was the same day. April is a great month!

ninepoundhammer said...

Nice--really nice!

Brian said...

Ok, first of all, those can't all be from high school, can they? Secondly, that last one hardly looks like me - had I been frequenting tanning beds? Lastly, I think we would all like to see a certain baggy-pants picture! (that last sentence is what I like to call a "diversion.")

Pyrrhadox said...

Heee!! Those *really* bring back some memories! I have to agree with Brian, I'm pretty sure at least one of those was from junior high. You both have changed so much, but I have such vivid memories of your 14-year-old selves: Brian trying to out-geek me in algebra (and succeeding far more often than I was comfortable with), you desperately avoiding eye contact, or really any kind of interaction... Good times. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Jacob Haynes said...

Ninth grade is technically high school (besides it is harder to specify both junior high and high school). I think there will be a post sometime soon of more embarrassing pictures and Randy’s will probably get included.

You’re welcome for the trip. In fact, I started pulling out yearbooks with Laura last night and that produced some good flashbacks.