January 7, 2008

New Year Updates

Laura and I are planning a road trip in mid March (15th through the 22nd) to Ouray, CO to drop off and visit with Brooke and her family. We are hoping to visit Chaco Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, and Mesa Verde NP while we are up there. Anyone who wants to join us is welcome; hopefully we’ll get two or three cars going.

It is my birthday today and I have reached the quarter century mark. Thanks for all the presents and calls today; makes one feel appreciated.

My friend Josh Stephens is getting married on Saturday, so Brian and Janelle are driving up. Lots of fun to be had with everyone this weekend.

We watched The Namesake this weekend over at Raghu’s apartment. It might just be my favorite movie from the last year (competing with Once and No Country for Old Men). A fairly quiet movie with lots of beautiful moments. It explores the cultural issues that different generations face when immigrating to a new country. The actors who play the mother and father do an especially good job. If you have an Indian friend try to watch this with them so they can point out all the details an American would miss.