July 3, 2007


I finally got my thesis model in my possession and have done my preliminary round of photographing. My thesis was to design a building in which different factions of Christianity could come together through service to their community instead of theology and worship. I found my opportunity in the Christian student organizations at UTA. The organizations cover the entire spectrum of the Christian church, from Catholic to Pentacostal, but all provide the same services to the campus (free lunch, international ministries, general hangout area). Other more practical benefits include: strength towards the University, efficiency of space use over the week, and a central active location. Onto pictures:

Wall and Roof Closed

Roof Open

Both Open

First Floor/Site Plan

Second Floor/South Elevation

Thrid Floor/Section

Wall Section

East Elevation/Section

West Elevation/Section

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Janelle said...

Your project looks great! I especially like the fact that you can literally open the building. And the circles etched into the glass. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person so I can be properly amazed at all of the intricate details I know you've built in.